The Genie Script Review 2021- Real Truth EXPOSED (Wesley Virgin)

W This is a meditative program that lasts for one month to help consumers manifest greater success in their personal and professional life. This 30-days program “Genie Script” is specially designed to show the unique meditation technique which will assist you to spice up your financial and mental condition. It is super easy to try, even if you are a new beginner because the unique sound and frequencies involved are so powerful that, it does most of the work for you. The program includes multiple audio files and meditations, which the creator (Wesley Billion Virgin) claims are all liable for his many dollars in profit.

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Most people can relate, the year 2020 has been challenging on many levels. Many people lost their jobs, many of us are affected by financial crises and lots of people are affected by depression, lost their confidence and now having negative and dangerous mindset. To again change back to the first and positive mindset and to urge more success in life, Wesley Virgin came with this program of guided mediation named Genie Script, which will be definitely helpful for such people that are affected by the negativity. Finding how to navigate the planet today is incredibly difficult. Even consumers that were on top of the planet at the top of 2019 have found themselves wondering how they will get through this month without sacrificing their financial and mental health in the process. Multiple content creators have developed listicles that provide ways to destress or essential changes to their financial woes. However, these minor fixes are only enough to survive.

In a year that seems rich with overwhelming chaos, wouldn’t it’s great to thrive? a new program called The Genie Script helps consumers see their situation and their discouragement for what it’s ”a dangerous mindset”

The defeatist attitude that nothing is often done during the pandemic to enhance their situation isn’t getting to help, but this guide takes users through 30 days of mental clarity. users will undergo subsequent month of support for a more productive and lucrative endeavour by the creator himself.

The Genie Script was named as a way of explaining the magical way that these meditations can revive back your outlook in life. The creator speaks fondly of the mental conditioning, which he credits with helping him achieve his first $1 million in revenue. Throughout the online advertisement, consumers can quickly study the various milestones that he’s established for himself since he’s taken on this path, adding to the program’s validity.

Genie Script, Works and helps people having problem of a severe scarcity mindset, poor financial, mental, and emotional condition. Genie Script is kind of a MAGIC in fixing, reshaping and re-configuring the mindset. As users plan to start this month-long journey, users will start with four sessions every week of 10-minute meditations. The meditations are easy to follow, and therefore the creator will show users the way to perform them as he does to educate users on the materials, the program includes video training on each of the five brain waves states that Wesley lays out.


Users will study how each state — including Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma — will benefit the brain and what the user must do to succeed in it. Users that check-in for The Genie Script also will have exclusive access to a Facebook group that Wesley found out for this specific program. While all of those materials are consistently included within the curriculum, users are going to be aware of certain bonuses, like the: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track, which improves manifestation run through listening and meditating.

Kundalini Touch Exercise, which helps with the physical manifestation of the user’s goals and beliefs. Supernatural pineal eye Activation Exercises, to assist the user to hook up with their manifestation through a psychic and spiritual connection Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios, to direct the mind to manifestation while the user is travelling and getting other tasks accomplished. Though all of those materials are available as a bonus altogether. All of the Genie Script materials are delivered digitally, and thus the low price is currently $43. The price may go up since the present rate may be a promotional value.

Genie script is a manifestation teaching program that helps user to manifest more success in their lives. This program is tried and created by Wesley Billion Virgin, which took him from zero to $1M, 8-figure online business owner HERO.

This manifestation and meditation program is super easy to try, even if you’re a beginner to meditation because the unique sound and frequencies involved are so powerful. Just sit back, tune and alter your own life. This is the one-time payment manifestation program that will reprogram the minds towards success, instead of a negative — a dangerous mindset.

If the user finds that this program doesn’t help them manifest success, they have up to 60 days to seek a refund.

The audio files and video guidance all help users put their minds towards success, instead of wallowing within the damage of negative thought. The manifestation program only requires a one-time payment, For anyone that also has questions on what the Genie Script can do for them, the corporate is often reached by sending an email to or calling 1–855–902–7116 for more information or to seek for a refund.

15% off price from us.

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